Ummm… Where did the time go!? I last posted May 7th. I can’t even believe it!

Summer 2014 was awesome. Punk shows were limited but The Dwarves and Authority Zero shows were both great. I brought Hayley to the AZ show. It was her first ever punk show, and they guestnlisted us and gave her some shout outs. Obviously she was stoked. Fortunately the fall show schedule seems to be about to make up for the quiet summer. Misfist, Dropkick Murphys, The Adicts, GWAR, Lagwagon & Swingin Utters and the Mad Caddies are some of the shows I am stoked on and looking forward to.

I rode my my bike a lot this summer versus traveling and spending lots of money. I tried to save this summer as best I can still hoping that I will be able to make a move to Southern California in the not so distant future. Oh how I would love to be able to ride my hand cycle along the beaches of Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Hermosa etc!!! I am pretty excited to say I have some upcoming presentations in SoCal, so I will get my fix. I plan to hangout and do some exploring too!

My mom turned 60 and we had a family wedding for my cousin Richard on the same day this summer – August 16th. The wedding was near Sun Peaks Resort near Kamloops, BC, so my sisters and me planned a surprise party for my mom August 15th in Sun Peaks and brought a Rod Stewart (my mom’s all time fav performer) up for the party. It was absolutely amazing and went better than I think any could have imagine. I posted some good pics on Instgram @JUSTWIGGLEYOURTOES. The wedding was more great times with more family and friends. This weekend was probably the highlight of the summer for me.

Other than that I made a trip to Victoria and Whistler, BC to hang with friends and fam. Both were fun. The weather in the southern region of British Columbia was absolutely awesome this summer. I can’t remember a summer with so much sunshine, such warm weather and such a refreshing lack of RAIN! I DON’T LIKE RAIN!! It actually kind of makes me sad. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The proof that sealed it for me goes back about a week where the weather suddenly got colder and wetter and the calendar switched over from August to September and I felt borderline depressed for about 3 days. I got through it even though it was a struggle to even get out of bed let alone do all of the other tasks and chores that fill a normal day.

So that about sums up my summer. Oh and I was houseboating all weekend this past weekend. That was interesting. Houseboats, at least the one we were on Shuswap Lake was NOT accessible at all. I only fit through one door (the back door) in my wheelchair. I relied heavily on my good buddies to help get me in and out of doors and up and down the stairs all weekend. Fortunately my buds have my back. It was an awesome weekend.

So here I am now writing this blog. I was inspired to do so because all I have done today is write or do things related to speaking like book flights and cars and hotels. I also updated and completely rewrote my bio for my webpage. After 12 years as an ICBC speaker, I am venturing off on my own as of this school year. This move should allow me to visit more places and explore more topics, issues and opportunities. I had great years and experiences speaking with ICBC, but it was clearly time for a change. I am excited to see what the year ahead will offer. My website needed to address this. Also, it’s good to mix things up and keep them fresh right?

I have trips planned for Saskatchewan, California, Nebraska, New Jersey, Massachusetts and a big tour through Manitoba. I am still waiting on more details on the Manitoba tour in November, but it looks like I will be based out of and speaking mostly around Winnipeg again. with Manitoba Public Insurance. I am excited for this tour and all of the other talks this fall. It will be great to get back on the microphone.

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe summer. Sorry if I was MIA. After the intense tour schedule I had between March and May last year I needed some time to unwind. I guess I really needed some time since it has been 3 months but it really only feels like it has been weeks. I guess 49 of 55 days on the road speaking usually twice a day can burn out anybody and require some serious RnR and regrouping. But what an epic yer last year was. I can only hope that this year will be more of the same. It all starts next Wednesday, September 17th at LP Miller Comprehensive School in Nipawin, Saskatchewan.

Well that’s about it folks! Thanks much for reading!!!

Wiggle Your Toes and bring on the 2014 / 2015 speaking season!!



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