After a night of excessive drinking, Kevin Brooks made the poor decision to get in his car and drive home. It was a decision that would permanently alter the lives of everyone he knew. Upon waking from the crash he learned the heartbreaking news that he had a passenger in the car with him. He didn’t make it, and as for Kevin he was forever paralyzed from the chest down. Now what? This is a journey of guilt and self redemption. Kevin learns that just because his body is paralyzed, his spirit can’t be handicapped. Unable to walk he now uses his voice to stand up and positively impact others. Just Wiggle Your Toes tells the story of Kevin Brooks from the perspective of the lives around him. Through personal interviews we learn what it was like for him, his family and friends to deal with such a horrific accident that could happen to any one of us. Beyond that is Kevin’s message of hope for teens as he becomes one of the greatest inspirational speakers in North America and the countless lives he saved just by telling this story. Written in colloquial language, Just Wiggle Your Toes speaks directly to the reader in a fun fresh manner. This book will have you laughing and crying with each turning page.

“I read Just Wiggle Your Toes in one day–it is a definite page turner. This book traverses quite a bit of emotional landscape–so be prepared to laugh, cry, and rejoice, all in a matter of a few pages. This book goes a long way as far as creating a palpable reality and sending a message–but not in a preachy way. Instead, this is a memoir told from several persepectives. By reaching into the psyche of several people associated with Kevin, we are able to gain a full understanding of the scope of his influence. Put simply, this book is an incredible reminder of how important each one of us is on this planet.” – Justin J. 

“I read the book, cover to cover, the moment I received the book from Amazon! Every parent of teenagers needs to hand their child a copy of this book. Teen drivers need to understand the dangers of drunk driving and the long term consequences. Kevin’s story of overcoming his challenges and coming to terms with his decision is powerful and truly inspiring. This is the best book that I have read, and strongly encourage you to buy a copy too!” – Andrea

“Amazing read! Kevin you are such an amazing soul and an inspiration to the kind of person we should all strive to be! This book really makes you put things into perspective and makes you think twice about the choices you make in everyday life. Life is a valuable gift that is taken for granted by most everyday. Thank you for sharing your story and your struggles. Your realness truly saves people. Keep on keeping on my friend!” – Michelle M.