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“Kevin Brooks is the most phenomenal speaker I can imagine for teens. If our students ever hear one speaker in their lives, it needs to be Kevin. I truly believe he reaches and impacts students like no one else can.”
Jodi Abel, Teacher and SADD Advisor, Weburn, Saskatchewan

“I was at your presentation yesterday and I have to admit that I was truly amazed by your story. To be honest I thought it was just another mandatory training that the army makes us go to just to “check the block,” but I can honestly say that I enjoyed it and I am sure that everyone else did also.”

– Andrew Soldier, Fort Polk, Louisiana

“I held the doors as students exited, and I saw so many moved faces, many with tears. I have seen the same group of kids sit through other presentations, but not nearly as interested or involved as during yours. You made a difference in at least one student’s life in as little as one day. You truly have a gift; thanks for sharing it.”

– Jen W. High school teacher, Burlington, Vermont

“Through my years and the various speakers we had in schools, Kevin was one of the most impactful for our students. Your message is from the heart and it shows.”
Randy Emmerson Superintendent of Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division

“I am about to turn 50, and I got a 90 day driving prohibition and was feeling sorry for myself. After hearing your story, I don’t feel sorry for myself — I can wiggle my toes. I am very impressed by you, well done!”

– Mitchell F.

“The presentation the students heard today was unreal and well received. A lot made the comment to me that this was the best presentation they have ever seen, especially on such a touchy subject as drinking and driving. You really touched a lot of people today!!!”

– Tammy B. Counselor, Manitoba

“It has been nearly three years since I saw Kevin’s presentation, but his inspirational message still follows me to this day. You are doing an absolutely amazing job and making this world a far better place!”
Jennelle C. Student in Regina, Saskatchewan

“Your story will be with me for life, I will never forget it or you. The way you told it really sunk in and will hopefully help me make the right decisions in life.”

– Brody Hood, Student, Barrie, Ontario

“I have never seen a speaker that could keep students’ attention they way you did today. I was amazed! They were so into it – and they couldn’t stop talking about it when we went back to class.”

– Christina G., High school teacher